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Do you have a temporary need of money? We then offer you the option of pledging your jewelry, gold / silver and brand watches.

This gives you the opportunity to keep your valuables without selling.

How does it work?
Our process is simple, transparent, fast and discreet. In exchange for your jewelry, brand watch, silver or gold you will receive an amount to be determined. Then you buy it back when it suits you. You then benefit from the value without having to sell your precious things.

This way you will quickly have (cash) money if you, for example, need to make an urgent payment.  
Pledging is the simplest and easiest way to gain direct money. It is easily accessible, because only identification is required. In our shop we can advise you in complete privacy what the best solution is for you.


What do we pledge?
Jewelry, brand watches, diamonds, silverware, bars, coins, of all different grades such as 8, 14, 18, 20 and 21 carats, from all countries. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or drop by for a no-obligation advice and / or valuation by one of our experts.



Our skilled in-store staff determines the value of your brought in items.



After identification, the contract is drawn up and the conditions discussed with you. You can repurchase your pledge within the legal period of two months.

Renewal is possible in consultation of the contract possible.

Instant money       

We will pay you the agreed amount in (legally maximum permissible) cash or transfer it to your bank account.


You can buy back your jewelry within the agreed expiry date. You must notify us two days in advance by calling us,

so that we have plenty of time to prepare your pledge safely.


Re-borrow ? Reconcile?    

Of course it is also possible to close the pledge for a new period. You pay the agreed - legally determined - interest amount every two months.

Would you like more information? Feel free to visit our store in Maastricht.







You have a minimum age of 18 years.
You have a valid ID.
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