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1. Goudbloem hereby undertakes to keep the specified goods for the duration no longer than thus at the latest up to and including (see expiry date), under its obligation to return them in full to the pledgee for the stated amount, but with due observance. of the provisions as described in the description of the Loan Agreement.


2. The fee can be paid every working day up to and including the expiry date. When this period has expired, all property rights and any added value of the relevant collateral will lapse in favor of Goudbloem.


3. If goods should be lost during the pledging period due to force majeure of Goudbloem, if necessary for the benefit of the pledgee, Goudbloem is never obliged to pay compensation for the possible difference in value between its appraisal and appraisals and / or insured amounts made elsewhere on these goods.


4. This agreement can only be concluded between Goudbloem and pledgers aged 18 or older, not under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, not under guardianship and in possession of a valid ID, passport, driver's license or identity card.


5. If during the term of this agreement, an authorized body (police, tax, bailiff, etc.) seizes or has seized the listed goods, then Goudbloem is in no way liable with regard to the return. For example, Goudbloem is never obliged to pay compensation in cash for the seized goods or for any damage whatsoever. This agreement is also immediately dissolved in the event of seizure.


6. The Loan Agreement is a registered security. Only the person listed as a pledgee is considered the rightful owner and may or may not take it back.


7. The person whose pledge certificate has been destroyed, stolen or lost must immediately report this to Goudbloem. In the event of return of the collateral, the pledger must identify himself.


8. If the expiry date falls on a Sunday or a legal public holiday, the pledgee is entitled to collect his or her goods on the next working day.


9. In case of renewal of this agreement, Goudbloem reserves the right to revise the valuation condition (s) and to refuse re-lending without stating reasons.


10. Goudbloem only accepts gold and silver objects or jewelery set with and or without gemstones as collateral. The term of the pledge certificate is a maximum of 2 months. The interest due, which is stated on the Lending Agreement, will be paid afterwards. The property may be offered for loan again on or before the expiry date.

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