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Monique van Veldhoven is the owner of Goudbloem and enjoys her job every day. After working in the jewelry industry for 18 years, she founded Goudbloem in 2012. The 28 years of experience in purchasing, selling and storing precious metal and diamonds is at your disposal. Monique and her colleagues are happy to be of service. Making an appointment is allowed, but not necessary.


Goudbloem has a number of important core values, which are reflected in our business operations every day. The most important are integrity and diligence. We are honest about the service and the prices that we can offer you and we treat your items personally and respectfully. Not only because your valuables have a great economic, but above all personal value for you.


You can rely on us, our way of working and our judgment. So are you looking for an expert party that can advise you optimally about precious metals, gemstones and brand watches? Our team of specialists will be happy to help you.

Our Principles

We apply strict business principles in the execution of our activities.

Care and dedication 

We handle your affairs with care and integrity and keep a close eye on your interests.


We inform you in a clear, honest and transparent manner.

Tailor-made advice

We ensure that our advice matches your wishes and take our responsibility seriously.

Optimally secured 

The most modern techniques guarantee adequate protection of your assets.

Circular entrepreneurship

We contribute to sustainability by reusing or transforming your gold jewelry. You can rely on our judgment.


We are happy to contribute to a better world. Reusing gold and gemstones is a great example of sustainability. On the one hand, this can be done by melting the gold and turning it into a new piece of jewelry, but transformation is also possible.

View transform / repair

Awareness is a theme, and this will be shaped through the "special events". Stay informed of the new activities

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