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Instant money
If you want to sell your valuables, you can count on a transparent valuation process.

Do you have jewelry, perhaps once obtained from an inheritance, in your closet or safe at home and are you curious about the value?

Feel free to visit us in the store, we are very accessible, only identification is required and you can immediately have access to money.

Luxury brand jewelry and watches
Our team is specialized in luxury brand jewelry and watches. Years of experience and knowledge of the sales market ensure that we can determine the correct price. We also offer the possibility to mediate so that you can take full advantage of the value of your valuables. View consignment

What do we buy? All precious metals, gold / silver jewelry, brand jewelry and watches, silverware, bars, coins, scrap gold (such as dental gold and broken jewelry) of all different levels such as 8, 14, 18, 20 and 21 carats, from all countries.

Make an appointment or feel free to visit us in the store where we can advise you in privacy.

We explain step by step how we determine the price.


Our professional staff in the store will determine the value of your items without obligation 


We offer you the highest price. This is based on the weight and gold content: the number of carats and the market value. We use the current day rate of gold and silver for this. 


Valid identification is required. After signing, the sale agreement is concluded.

Instant money       

We will pay you the agreed amount in (legal maximum permissible) cash or transfer it to your bank account.


If you would like more information? Feel free to visit our store in Maastricht.






You have a minimum age of 18 years.
You have a valid ID.
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