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Goudbloem has been around for seven years now and it was time for a new step.
The store has had a metamorphosis and a long-cherished wish to start a webshop has come true.  

The webshop is a fact! sells high-quality second-hand (pre-loved) jewelry and brand watches online. The reuse of precious metals and diamonds fits perfectly in this modern age.

Each item in the webshop has been checked, polished, modernized where necessary and fair valued based on market value.

It is only possible by appointment to view a chosen piece of jewelry or object at Goudbloem in Maastricht or at our sales point in Antwerp.

The name GertrudeGold is derived from Monique’s grandmother Gertrude born in 1908 in Maastricht. She had a great love for beautiful clothing, gold jewelry and design.

Monique admired her vigorous enterprising grandmother and by using her name symbolically honors both of their passions and brings Gertrude's spirit back to her hometown.

Take a look at our brand new webshop!

During the Golden Saturdays of Maastricht there will be a

Exclusive end-of-year sale will take place in the multifunctional retail space of Goudbloem. Grab this moment and surprise your loved one with a beautiful gift for the holidays! Dates: November 13, 20, 27 and December 4, 11, 18.
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