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In choosing for sustainable, we contribute to a better world and extend the lifespan through repair. Our many years of cooperation with experienced goldsmiths guarantees that your jewelry will be beautifully and professionally repaired or changed. Not wearing it is a shame.


It's pretty obvious, but reusing gold and gemstones is a good example. Recycling does not happen with gold alone: diamonds and gemstones can also be revived.

Is your piece of jewelry or heirloom of great emotional value to you, but you are not wearing it? Have it modernized and transformed into something new.

This can be done by just having a small adjustment or adding a beautiful color stone or diamond.

You can then wear the jewelry with renewed pleasure.

In short, when it comes to reuse, much more is often possible than you think. Visit us in the store and get our expert information.


The advice is without obligation and a quotation is of course given in advance. You always know where you stand.


We are happy to contribute to a better world. Reusing gold and gemstones is a great example of sustainability.

This can also be done by melting the gold and turning it into a new piece of jewelry, or transforming it.

Awareness is a theme at Goudbloem, often seen in our "special events". Stay informed of the new activities

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