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Pledges and purchase of precious metal

You can contact us for pledging, purchasing, consignment, appraisal and repair of your jewelry.

Our options are versatile and adapted to your wishes.

Do you need "temporary" money? And do you own luxury jewelry or brand watches? Then Goudbloem can offer a solution to take advantage of the value of your valuables. We redeem this value quickly, discreetly, completely tailor-made and with impeccable service.

We understand better than anyone that you sometimes need capital to seize opportunities or to bring unplanned events to a successful conclusion. Banks usually do not provide loans for this, and certainly not quickly. Goudbloem offers you that possibility. We assess the value of your contributed goods and quickly transfer money to your bank account. We store your valuable items safely in highly secured locations.

The luxury of liquidity

Gold Flower offers unique ways to use your luxury assets to increase working capital.

Our experts assess and value your jewelry or brand watches.

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